♥Look # 021 ♥ 2022

CreditBT Shape Artair modeled on Idris Aftermath IW: IdrisLudo Shown On Head Catwa DanielBody Legacy MeshbodyHair Dura U113 DURABT SHAPE STORECATWA

♥Look # 020 ♥ 2022

Credit B.R Lama dress and included tattoo Exclusively available at the Sense Event through June 8th. Shown On Head Lelutka LillyBody Maitreya LaraEars Swallow Gauged SHair Wasabi // Bubbles Hair Skin Heaux DreamyShape BT Shape PamelaEyes .lovelysweet. Love EyesMILA. Face FrecklesTRIGGERED - Single Chained SeptumShoes : CULT : Verenaxx - trippy plugs Taken At Sunny's... Continue Reading →

♥Look # 019 ♥ 2022

Credit BT Shape Lelutka Lilly Head Pamela Shape Shown On Head Lelutka LillyBody MaitreyaSkin [Heaux] Dreamy Accessories Hair DOUX - Kiara hairstyleEyes Euphoric Fantastic EyesMiss Canning Highlight Blush Nose Only[Glam Affair] Miho BlushCryBunBun - Hentaikini - Pink BT SHAPE STORELELUTKAMAITREYAHEAUXDOUXEUPHORICMISS CANNINGGLAM AFFAIRCRYBUNBUN

♥Look #018 ♥ 2022

Credit YoU By GeMyles Imogene Outfit Exclusive at Swank May Event 5-7/5-30YoU By GeMyles Valentina Boots Shown On Head Lelutka KayaBody MaitreyaShape Jessie Shape by GUAPA AccessoriesNails RAWR! Daydream NailsEyes [avarosa] Joyce Eyes - GlowCircleHair Opale . Vilary Hair Taken with Ninety Backdrop - Pay Me Red SWANKNINETYYOU BY GEMYLESOPALEGUAPAMAITREYALELUTKARAWR!AVAROSA

♥Look # 017 ♥ 2022

Credit Orav Linda Dress Shown On Head LeLUTKA Kaya HeadBody [LEGACY] MeshbodyShape [BOOPY] Ex Machina Shape AccessoriesRAWR! Umbra HUMAN FEMALE EvoXPare.Kyan Boots:::Phoenix::: Rhonda Hair Taken at Sunny's Photo Studio with Focus Poses Gamer Girl Room Backdrop ORAVLELUTKALEGACYBOOPYPAREPHOENIX HAIRRAWR!SUNNY'S PHOTO STUDIO

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Styles And Fashion Around Secondlife


For models and students of the walk, the pose and the lifestyle

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~ Fashion, LifeStyle & more ~

~ Fashion, LifeStyle & more ~

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The Sassy Shoppers Blog

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Our Second Life- Home of the Typically Unique

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Our Second Life- Home of the Typically Unique

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